Choosing a service for online collaboration and project management

While some companies are waiting with horror for the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus, others are adapting to the changed working conditions. According to recruiting agency Selecty, one in five IT employees will remain remote even if restrictive measures are relaxed. Such a system of work organization fully justifies itself, because it allows the management to significantly save on rent and office maintenance. Most workers also welcome the transition to remote work and the abandonment of daily travel by public transport.

Collaboration on projects goes online, and this requires the search for new effective tools for team management. Today there are a number of convenient services for collaborating on projects. For example, online whiteboards make it possible to combine interactive technologies and classic schemes of interaction between employees.

They represent an endless visual space in which you can work on projects of any complexity in real time. From brainstorming to working out a working prototype or presentation for investors. With video calling and chat, with the ability to share your thoughts, comments and even files in a single workspace.

Deskle online whiteboard – a tool that combines the capabilities of several online collaboration services at once

Registration and getting started on the Deskle online whiteboard takes no more than 5 minutes, and right after that you can create an endless workspace for your team. There are over 40 templates available in 6 main categories: Agile, Canvases, Brainstorming, UX / UI Design, Business Analytics and Planning. You can also create a personalized template for solving custom tasks of the company.

Using templates allows you to quickly start collaborative remote work on a project, based on your requirements. Brainstorm? No problem – choose a suitable template and work in it. Plan the progress of a project or analyze data? And for these tasks, you can choose the appropriate template. kanban board

Benefits of an online deskle board for managers, employees and clients

Managers greatly simplify control over employees and projects, ensuring effective team organization, timely planning and execution of tasks.
Employees speed up communication on important issues, see priorities and know the timing of their tasks.
Clients can participate in processes, timely make corrections and comments. And most importantly, they understand that working with you is as transparent and productive as possible.
Online whiteboard – a single and convenient tool for collaborating distributed teams

Remote whiteboard work is similar to classic live office work, but with the addition of modern interactive features. Here you can work, discuss each stage in the chat, add mind maps, stickers, files and documents, audio or video. A free trial period allows you to test all the functionality of the platform for 14 days in order to make an informed decision about further use.

The use of this service significantly increases the efficiency of work and ensures effective cross-functional interaction. Such tools are useful not only for large companies with a large staff of remote workers, but also for professionals who work independently (freelancers). Online boards are also indispensable for project management teams that use agile development methodologies.