The Scariest Verses in the Book of Revelation Explained

18 For I vouch for each and every individual who hears the expressions of the prescience of this book: If anybody adds to these things, God will add to him the diseases that are written in this book; 19 and in the event that anybody detracts from the expressions of the book of this prediction, God will remove his part from the Book of Life, from the blessed city, and from the things which are written in this book.

The customary and wrong translation of this section

The customary clarification of these two refrains are individuals taking them in a real sense. They are glad to acknowledge that a large part of the Book is written in pictures and that their extraordinary information is expected to disclose to individuals what the symbolism implies, yet they have never counseled the Holy Spirit with regards to what these refrains truly mean.

Individuals imagine that these stanzas imply that if individuals distribute a duplicate of the Book of Revelation with extra parts or sections that they have made up, at that point they will get the maladies that are in this book of prediction.

We as a whole realize that with this notice in the very book they are deciphering that no distributing organization would set out to make up extra refrains or sections and accordingly satisfy this dumb translation.

In like manner they accept that on the off chance that they exclude certain sections or parts from this book that they will have their names removed from the Book of Life. As though any distributer would do that with this reasonable notice in the book!

So most of Christians who don’t have a clue what this implies imagine that its very OK to get supposed information from the Lord on this book of secret and distribute a book clarifying what everything implies and in the event that they work admirably of it make a heap of cash.

Alright so we should take a gander at what these refrains truly mean.

Adding to the prediction implies

Adding to the prescience implies getting what takes two sections in the book of Revelation and composing two pages of depiction about what it implies. You have added to the expressions of the Book of Revelation. For this you will be judged in the event that you are incorrect. Book Of Revelation

Detracting from the words implies

In the event that you compose your two pages on the two sections and any one sentence of yours in off-base and in your portrayal your off-base depiction detracts from the genuine notice of the entry then your name is removed from the Book of Life and you will spend time everlasting in hellfire.

Recorded as a hard copy this I understand I am adding to the expressions of the book. Yet, I likewise have been advised to compose it by Jesus himself as a notice to the individuals who should seriously mull over to compose and clarify the book of Revelation to other people.

The book is a private book and on the off chance that you are near Jesus He will uncover it to you. You needn’t bother with writers composing what they think it implies. Not many creators would put pen to paper in the event that they realized that basically once sentence wrong in what they depict would send them to damnation.

Composing this along these lines is an unsafe business yet I will potentially save a few people from damnation in the event that they comprehend that this is reality.

In fourteen years of considering the part of the two observers I have not perused one writer that knows of what they are composing and it is obvious to me that they compose essentially from assessment and mystery. I know no individual on the planet that I have ever perused that find out about the job then myself, and most journalists assume they will be two prophets that remain in Israel and get dismissed by the entire world.

I pondered for quite a while why I was unable to discover another essayist that knew as much as I until the Lord revealed to me that on the off chance that they have expounded on it, at that point they have ignored the order not to add to the book of prescience and in this way it was not the Holy Spirit who gave them the information.