Precisely how in order to Normally Increase Testosterone Amounts

How can I increase my testosterone level? What’re the risks of getting LOW testosterone? Does low “test” signify I’m going to have a low libido as well? And what’re the best ways to boost my testosterone level, particularly when I’m 40 or above?

The truth is, there are many, many articles online (and off) about the issues with having a low level of testosterone for a man… which range from lower libido and overall libido, to depression, emotional irritability, difficulty with focus and concentration and lower “output” levels in a high array of competitive tasks.

(everything from the natural competitive instinct to succeed at work and relationship, to well-known problems that many athletes and weekend warriors face maintaining at the gym, the ballpark and beyond)

The BAD news?

Testosterone levels unfortunately go down with age, especially in sedentary men. (e.g. – when you have a desk job, or even a non active lifestyle that suppresses your bodies natural inclination to create higher level of test)

After age 27, testosterone levels begin to trail off in men… and with each successive year, there could be a marked downward spiral in the total amount of natural “healthy” growth hormone generally in most men, to and through middle and later age. (after 50 – these drops CAN become problematic, and can cause anything from Erectile Dysfunction, to reduce levels of energy, to depressed emotional states and sexual apathy as well)

The good news?

Testosterone levels could be easily increased in a totally natural way – and many of the very BEST solutions and strategies could be “stacked” for exponentially improved results. (e.g. – combining diet and strength training and supplements… and of course, various other exotic esoteric strategies as well could be mixed set for even BETTER results)

Some examples of some little known and even unusual ways to boost the bodies natural drive to boost growth hormones?

Deep breathing for instance, and many deeply focused meditation techniques have been shown to boost testosterone levels.
So too has POWER posing… especially with the belly sucked in, the chest stuck out and the hands added to the hips.
Believe it or not… “fake smiling” for a fixed time period, while looking at oneself in the mirror, has not only been proven to boost testosterone, it’s been demonstrated to DECREASE cortisol as well. Testogen (the stress hormone that may cause negative physiological side effects)

(don’t laugh, not only have University level studies been done with this phenomena because it concerns LEADERSHIP qualities, “alpha male syndrome” and testosterone levels, these same rituals have ALSO been shown to decrease cortisol, or the stress hormones that usually sabotage success, libido and other daily drivers in men and women alike)
The very best news?

Higher levels of testosterone are associated with rapid increases in sexual desire, and some argue… sexual stamina and endurance as well.

Simple dietary and lifestyle changes, including a diet that is HIGHER in healthy fats, lean protein and LOWER in alcohol and bad fats, and radically reducing your carbohydrate levels, might have a remarkable effect on your own “good” hormone levels, in 21-30 days.

Add exercise, (including MORE intercourse as a form of exercise) and stress reduction techniques like meditation, relaxation and focused attention for lower cortisol levels, and you’ll be amazed at how fast and markedly your REAL fitness levels will improve. (and just how much more enjoyable you’ll have to boot!)