Useful items to take in an RV when traveling with a dog


Yes, our furry best friends, we love them! In fact, most of RV owners own cats or dogs and often take them with them on trips. An impressive number, isn’t it?Of course, going on the roads with an animal requires a little organization.

Because with so many furry kids on the roads, a little list of things to take with you on your next RV trip will prove very useful, and will guarantee rv pet safety.


Food container

For very natural reasons, it is better to favor an airtight container for the food of your animals.


Foldable bowls

Lightweight and space-saving, collapsible bowls are the perfect accessories for outdoor living. Made of rubber, these bowls can easily be stored in an RV, but also integrated into a backpack when going for a walk or for an expedition. And you can rest assured that they won’t roll across the floor of your wheeled house like a metal or plastic bowl would.


Backpack … for dog!

Yes, yes, your dog can perfectly carry his toys, treats and water thanks to small bags adapted to his size.There are all kinds of bags, making it easy to choose the one that will best suit your pet’s size and power, without overloading it. And you know, we often say that a dog who is tired at the end of the day is a happy dog… and that makes us happy!



Seat cover

To properly protect your car seats from blackened or even muddy paws, a waterproof seat cover is a great option. Some of them are designed as hammocks that you put on the bench seats.

Another great accessory for your furry friend is a seat belt harness because we need to be carefulaboutrv pet safety. It attaches to regular seat belts and allows the driver to concentrate on the road. A number of people also opt for a travel cage so as not to have any questions.


Outdoor grooming kit

We know it is difficult to keep our house clean with a dog that lives there permanently. So, imagine what your RV might look like when you are on a campsite or in the great outdoors. A real nightmare! But we found a solution for you: an outdoor dog grooming tool.

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