Adolescent Concern Described inside Movies and TV Shows.

My So-Called Life
This show has all of the stereotypical teen characters. Angela can be an angsty teen deeply in love with the beautiful Jordan Catalano who doesn’t even know she exists. Angela has drifted aside from her childhood best friend. Angela flocks to rebel Rayanne Graff and Rickie, the very first openly gay teen on TV. Oh and you can’t forget Angela’s nerdy annoying neighbor Brian who you can’t help but love. Even though the show only lasted one season and 19 episodes, it’s what this show accomplished in the short timeframe that means it is memorable.

Freaks and Geeks
If you’ve never seen this show, I strongly suggest that you check it on Netflix as soon as possible. This show follows the Weir family. Lindsay transitions from being fully a star student with a brilliant religious closest friend to chilling out with the “Freaks” of the school. This show is this type of treasure since it features this generations comedic superstars early inside their careers. Judd Apatow, the guy behind 40 year old Virgin and Knocked Up was a producer. James Franco, Seth Rogan, and Jason Segel played the hilarious freaks. Another shining moment of the show is Lindsay’s younger brother Sam and his awkward friends. This is another brief TV show, only lasting one season and 18 episodes. However, the quirkiness is priceless and somewhat awkward, especially Sam and Lindsay’s encounters with their parents. Warning: You’ll become emotionally mounted on every character.

Hitting theaters in 1988, this movie is totally the initial Mean Girls except 10 times darker. Wiona Ryder plays classic angsty teen Veronica Sawyer flixtor. Veronica is apart of the Heathers, the mean girl clique that rules the school. Yet, Veronica hates it and pulls the classic outcast role by venting in her diary. This clique basically set all of the standards, the heartless leader, different one in the group willing to overthrow it, and both background girls. The film requires a dark turn when James Dean like Jason “J.D.” Dean wins over Veronica. J.D. is played by the beautiful and messed up Christian Slater who is basically every outcasts dream boy. J.D. sees how unhappy Veronica is and kills the first choice of the Heathers, dragging Veronica engrossed by planting a suicide note. Heathers is ironic and actually funny. I am aware that’s sick to state on the basis of the material but it’s not really a film easy to describe, you’ve to see yourself why it’s considered one of the finest movies about High School of time.

10 Things I Hate About You
This movie is a modern version of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of The Shrew.” Kat and Bianca are two High School sisters being forced to manage their overbearing father. Younger one, Bianca is the popular one while older Kat is a badass bitch. I’m sorry, but there’s really no other method to phrase it. I’m not going to bore you with the plot since most know very well what it’s about. If you forget, keep in mind so it includes a younger Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the late Heath Ledger. That is clearly a adequate reason to view it.

Degrassi: The Next Generation
Sorry but I simply had to place this on here. I’ve never seen the initial Degrassi but this show just has every teen plot imaginable. The show is on it’s 13th season but I’m going to tell the truth and say I don’t recommend watching the brand new seasons. The reason why I loved this show so much when I was in middle school was because of the first four seasons. The show starts out introducing a figure on the old Degrassi’s 12 year old daughter who is starting Junior High. Although she could be annoying sometimes, Emma is a strong female lead who always stands up for what she believes in. There’s so many characters that get introduced because the show progresses and each episode is targeted on two different characters. The show later addresses issues such as for instance: eating disorders, cutting, abortion, teen pregnancy, homicide, suicide, and even school shootings. You may know it because the show rapper Drake got shot on. However, watch it right from the start, his character Jimmy played an essential part from the beginning.

This is a Disney Channel Original Movie that arrived in 1998 and is easily forgotten. This movie is approximately Andy Brink who loves in-line skating and he and friends consider themselves “Soul Skaters” meaning they won’t be paid. Brink is some of those characters that you simply need to love. His lingo and his overly friendly attitude make him certainly one of the best fictional characters of time. The angst is available in because of Brink’s daddy issues and his rivalry with the bully Val who gets paid tons for skating. I am aware it’s not your typical teen angst movie but it’s one movie that you should watch and remember how important it’s to embrace who you are.