Addicted to Pain Pills? What You Must Know Before You Even Attempt to Quit Pain Pills

Pain pill addiction – it stole years of my life. Are you able to relate? Not a long time ago, I was emotionally and physically hooked on pain pills. Although I considered myself a recreational user, my “recreational” use had gotten to the point where I wanted to “recreate” each day. I loved those drugs more than anything else. I almost ruined my life in my own frenzy to keep up a regular supply.

Opiate pain pills had become my best friend, my constant companion, and my partner in crime. (Vicodin was my drug of choice.) (Worst embarrassing memory about my addiction: the doc at the ER said never to darken their doorstep again, after my 20th visit there.)

Pain pill addiction sneaks on you slowly. Get tramadol next day delivery Maybe you’ve broken a knee, gotten a tooth pulled, sore back. Whatever it is, your doc whips out the old prescription pad, writes you up a prescription for 20 pills, and before you understand it, after a few refills, you are hooked on pain pills.

It’s easy to obtain hooked on pain pills, because they give you that glow-y, all-is-well feeling in your belly, life seems better high, more pleasurable, mellow. Who wouldn’t get hooked on pain pills? Of course, the thing is, in the long run they rule you – and find yourself ruining your daily life along the way!

You will need to accomplish some fancy footwork to help keep a regular supply of pills (different doctors, trips to ER, etc.) But even if you do have a consistent stream of pain pills, you simply find yourself wanting more and more and more, to the point that it becomes dangerous and even deadly! (I used to worry that my loved ones would find me lying slumped on the toilet, dead from an overdose of Vicodin.)

If your mind is constantly on those little white pills, how to maintain your high, worrying all about taking too many, etc., it’s hard to lead a quality life and have anything left over to share with your job and your loved ones. So you’ve decided you wish to get over your addiction to pain pills. Great! Now what?

Your resolve is firm. You definitely might like to do this. Okay. You grit your teeth. Today’s your day – you can forget pain pills for you. Several hours go by. You begin considering maybe having only one last hurrah to obtain you ready to manage this again. Just a couple of pills.

It’s then that you realize just what a monster you’ve got in your hands. No matter how badly you wanted to quit, how desperate you were to obtain off the pills, they still call for your requirements in a way that even Hercules couldn’t fight, and you realize just just what a monkey you’ve got in your back.

You might feel it’s hopeless. You’ll discover this addiction is super humanely strong (has a head of its own), and it’s likely to take much more than grit and determination to obtain over it. Everything you really need is an arsenal of powerful weapons that actually work to fight your addiction.

Whether you visit formal detox or not (highly recommended), you still need to know how to proceed on a long-term basis to help keep your cravings at bay. You’ll need a step-by-step roadmap so you can navigate the right path through the whole “getting-free” process. You need to know exactly what to anticipate and how to proceed to cope with those devastating desires to obtain high that can come up out of left field and “whup you upside the head.” You need to know how exactly to flatten cravings so they don’t really knock you down and send you screaming out the doorway seeking more pills.

There’s no denying that getting over addiction to painkillers will function as toughest thing you’ve ever done – that’s the bad news! But the good thing is that it can be done, provided you understand exactly what you’re coping with and exactly what things to do. In cases like this, knowledge is power. And knowledge is freedom, your freedom, freedom from pain pill addiction.

So before you place another “Quit Day,” make sure you know what you’re facing. Reading recovery literature, researching addiction-overcoming techniques, discovering methods to deaden cravings naturally, 12-step meetings, journaling, and mapping out your strategies in advance all can significantly enhance your odds of success.

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